How Did The Middle East Influence The Western World

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The Middle East and Western World

Throughout history the Middle East has been a significant influence on the Western World, and being the cradle of civilization it has a history and culture with great depth. The Western World has also influenced the Middle East, however in modern times it’s influence has been less positive.
Ancient Greece (from the 8th to 6th centuries BC) was a significant milestone in the development of civilization, moving away from tribal societies and finding a way to unite politically, not just culturally. There were questions being asked in this time that had never been thought before, and the first democracy was put into action. The Empire of Alexander the Great (336-324BC) was also quite significant, spreading across the Middle East and more. Alexander took an interest to Greek culture, and spread its Hellenistic culture across his empire. Thus this western culture was introduced to the Middle East. Another big turning point in civilization was the Roman Empire (27BC-476AD). This empire not only brought …show more content…

Then after WWII a new western power the US was introduced to the Middle East, and this relationship did not continue well, resulting in the Gulf and Iraq wars.
Now there is still conflict between the West and Middle East, with the activities of radical Islamic groups, and the fear and stereotypes created by them. While the West sits back and watches the continuous bombings and hardships of the Middle East on TV, the Middle East is forced to take everything in the face.
While the Middle East is like a birthplace for the Western world, the Western world is now like a bully in certain regards, taking its resources and restricting its activity. I hope to see the relationship between the West and Middle East take a turn for the better in future years, but until the violence is stopped I know

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