How Did The Oil Embargo Change The United States?

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Long Research Paper During 1973-1974, with the dwindling of oil resources Americans were faced with the possibility of running out of oil. The Oil Embargo implemented by Arab members of The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries denied exporting oil to the states that supported Israel during the Arab-Israeli War. My questions about this event are how did this oil embargo change The United States and what did they do to adjust to all these changes? First the US had to figure out a new place they could get their oil from, they had to create new energy conservation movements and find new ways to create energy, and then finally they had to change how they looked at international business. The Backstory On October 6, 1973 Egyptian and Syrian forces launched an attack on Israel to regain land won by Israel during a previous war. Knowing that military forces would be preoccupied with their holy holiday, the two armies attacked Israel. Other Arab nations contributed to the fighting or the supplying of weapons in a later time. Israel asked The United States for help numerous times but the Nixon administration was hesitant to offer immediate aid. Many factors had to be considered before The US could come to a decision. With the Cold War still being fought during this time the US wanted to negotiate a peaceful end with the Soviet Union, who was backing the Egyptians with military supplies. The Soviets agreed to a negotiation but the Egyptians did not, which seemed to
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