How Did The Olympic Games Influence Ancient Greece

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The date 776 BC was the first documented Olympic Games in Ancient Greece. According to Greek mythology Pelops founded it in Olympia, the Games take place every four years at the same location, the sanctuary of Zeus at Olympia, to honor Zeus. They honored Zeus at the Games because he was the king of the Gods, and they thought that if they honored the king of the Gods that they would be honoring all of the Gods.The Olympic Games was good for the people of Ancient Greece, it attracted the rich and poor, brought Greece together, and was all in the name of the King of their Gods, Zeus.

The Olympic Games were held every four years at the same place, the Sanctuary of Zeus at Olympia, to honor Zeus. Most Greeks believed in the same group of Gods, though they did acknowledge that Zeus was the king of the Gods. That is why they worshiped him at the Games, by worshiping him at his holy city, they were honoring all of the Gods together. The competitors in the Games were either professional athletes or Aristocrats. There were no amateurs or women participating in the games. The spirit and the actual Games itself was good for the people. Most saw it good for the public’s spirit and a positive release of
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It helped keep Greece in an upbeat and energetic mood. The Olympic Games were very important to the Greeks. The Games were an international event whose participants came from every corner of the Greek World. To insure the Games did not get
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