How Did The Pre-War Between The Us And Spain's Existence

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In 1898, February 15. 9:40pm In Havana Harbor a battleship exploded with in 268 men dead and drown.Later on that day we found 200 Men wounded and recovered and 76 men identified. The sinking of this ship belongs to the U.S.S Maine, which had been in Havana since Feb 15, 1898. It was an Official Observation visit. The Pre-War between the U.S and Spain and it became very scary. In 1895-1898 Cuba and Philippine Island Had a meet to revolted Spain. Spain didn’t like the way they had in mind so spain did something that they didn’t know. On March 28, 1898, the U.S Naval Court of Inquiry found that the Maine was destroyed by a suberged mine. Although the blame was never was placed on the Spain. the implication was clear.The recent researches suggests
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