How Did The Punic Wars Rise During The Late Republic

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The effects of the Punic Wars allowed political and military leaders to rise during the late Republic. War was a central part of Rome’s political and religious structure. The Romans believed in divine favor of the gods for waging just war. Furthermore, war and conquest caused an influx of wealth in the form of land, taxes, and slaves. Subsequently, the Senate, the Equestrians, and regular citizens stood to gain power, prestige and silver from Rome’s military success.
The destruction of Carthage provided a trading port for Rome that boosted its economy. Moreover, the conquest of Sicily resulted in the exploitation of its minerals and natural resources for profit. Consequently, unequal distribution of wealth was widespread throughout society. The elites reaped the benefits while the lower elements struggled to compete.
Additionally, political influence and wealth shifted to the Senate. The Senate made decisions on policies, regulations and, Rome’s military operations. Therefore, Roman citizens quickly came to accept their authority on matters of the state. Moreover, The prospects of profiting from war resulted in bribery and competition for high offices. Jugurtha, the Numidian evaded captivity by positioning some of his own men
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The influence of Hellenistic Greek became evident in their new luxurious lifestyles. “Wealthy Romans now built elaborate private houses and financed the construction of temples, public buildings, and monuments in prominent locales” (Boatwright, 5). This was a source of conflict between pro- Hellenistic men such as Scipio Aemilianus and traditional conservative Cato the Elder. “Greater wealth, more lavish lifestyles, and closer familiarity with Greek culture provoked a response among certain members of the Roman Senate. Some- Cato the Elder Was the most prominent - denounced luxury and, when in office, sought to limit it” (Boatwright,
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