How Did The Puritan Lifestyle Influence The Life

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The Puritan lifestyle greatly influenced the political, economic, and social development of the New England colonies from 1630 throughout the 1660s. The Puritan lifestyle was greatly focused around religion, their ideas about predestination, and God’s will. The reason New England was originally settled was for religious reasons. Many people of England were being persecuted for their beliefs, so refuge was sought in the Americas. The Puritans believed that their lives were meant for God and believed that whether they were going to heaven was already determined (predestination). The original settlers tried to live without sin and believed strongly against Catholic rituals, including the Anglican Church. Document J, written by John Higginson in 1662, recognizes that the original reason for settlement in the New England colonies was not for trade but rather for God. The colonists’ purpose meant that they were not a society based on money and gaining wealth, but more focused on their Creator and each other. Document B, a colonial town map of New England shows the close-knit society in the Puritan towns. As they were built on family and God, the church was at the center of town, and houses were near to each other. Family-owned farms were numerous because colonists used subsistence farming instead of farming for cash crops as their purpose was not to obtain or increase their wealth. Similar to the way colonists in New England believed their wealth, and lack thereof, was

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