How Did The Puritans Affect The Trials Of The Salem Witch Trials

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In seventeenth century America, the Salem Witch Trials had taken place in Salem, Massachusetts. They were a series of court trials in which the intention was to prosecute those who have been accused of witchcraft. The Puritans worked towards religious, moral and societal reforms. They deemed anyone as evil who defied God and collaborated with the Devil. The Salem Witch Trials revealed the injustice and duplicity of the gender and religious norms during its time. Puritans in Salem were colonists that had left England to seek religious tolerance. The life of a Puritan was extremely restrained and strict. Reverend Samuel Parris, was appointed minister to the village’s only church in 1689, to later have strong objections lodged against him in 1691. Parris’ response was that the Devil was set on destroying their, to which his job was to bring God back to Salem village. The first to be afflicted was his daughter, Betty, and niece, Abigail. After trying to cure both girls, it was concluded that witchcraft was the cause of their inability to control their own bodies. The majority of villagers who were accused of witchcraft did not belong to the covenant, implying that those who didn’t live the same life as a Puritan were easily the ones behind the witchcraft. During these accusations, mostly women were accused of witchcraft. As mentioned in ___________ , it said that “As Richard Latner has recently shown, there was ‘an environment of divisive religious contention’ in
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