How Did The Renaissance Transform Literature?

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27 October 2014
How did The Renaissance transform Literature? The Renaissance transformed today’s political and cultural themes along with Shakespeare’s plays by changing how they used English or their native language. The Renaissance was a re-awakening from the dark-ages. The word renaissance literally means rebirth. The Renaissance was fueled my soldiers returning from the Crusades. There was a spark of interest in artwork after. It used to be all about religion and God. Now there are paintings including actual people. There are more themes like science, environment and philosophy. As in Macbeth there were witches along with what the Scottish believed during this time period. They believed
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It got to the point where he travelled around the world. During one of his journeys, one of his friends named Lawrence Koster gave Gutenberg a slab of greenwood with writing on it in sap. Gutenberg’s love for God grew much more after that so he had the idea of pressing ink onto a sheet of paper. The Gutenberg’s Bible was the first ever-published book. In 1978, a 2-volume version of the bible was sold for just over $2 million. Showing how much the Printing Press and Johannes Gutenberg had an effect on out current literature. Thomas Hobbes was a philosopher during the time. His philosophy was that mankind always thinks about what better for themselves first rather than anyone else. Just like in Macbeth, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth were shadowed with wanting to be in power they did not want to wait. Lady Macbeth talked Macbeth into killing Duncan who was at that time the King. Hobbes also thought that human lives are short lived, dark and nasty. In Macbeth, Macbeth himself always felt guilt in what he had done. But at one point he felt very confident, like no one can touch him. His self-esteem fogged reality. The witches were telling Macbeth he could only be killed by someone not born by a woman. And that he would only get attacked if the forest got up and walked. When Macbeth sees what looks like the forest is walking. Which are actually Duncan’s sons coming back using wood bark for cover. He tried to stay calm. He kept saying that he could only
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