How Did The Romantic Influence On The Modern World?

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The romantic period in regards to the natural world had many accounts of divinity having an influence on the modern world. William Blake and his crazy yet visionary religious views implied the world followed the human form; all of its’ mercy, pity and peace being in constant play in shaping our world. Percy Bysshe Shelley and the view of the world as a shift from spring and winter, how our world follows the ups and downs as the seasons change, making life and taking it in balance and glorious harmony. William wordsworth has had the idea that children are the most divine and loving, for they have not yet been tainted and taught the evils of the world and once they had as men and women seen and experienced such evils, only nature could show them once again the love and compassion of the natural world. The romantic writers expressed deep theories and ideas that followed into other aspects of life, including later writers. William Blake was known to be crazy and…show more content…
As he enjoyed the works of William Wordsworth when he was younger, the more conservative Wordsworth caused much of Shelley’s dissatisfaction, which he eventually showed in a later work. Shelley showed his interest in the natural world in his, “Ode to the West Wind”, which he explained that the world has its ways and means for advancement and rebirth, “The trumpet of a prophecy! O wind, If winter comes, can spring be far behind”(Shelley, 64-70). This was the conclusion when he described how the winds change with the season and what their involvement is with the natural world. How the winds take down trees and spread seeds in its very own balance of destroyer and creator. Shelley finishes his ode with the statement quoted to create a comparison of the winds and its duties to the laws of nature, birth, death, and rebirth of the natural world, for the cycle of winter and spring tell a larger story of the
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