How Did The Second World War Influenced The Economy Of Germany?

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How did the Second World War Influenced the Economy of Germany?
As war impacts all aspects of the country involved, economy is one of the most heavily hit, as seen in Germany through WWII. Before the Second World War Germany was deeply separated due to the Treaty of Versailles which cut Germany 's industrial west from it populous east. However Hitler through his political acts wished to unify these halves of the same whole. As an act of unifying the country Hitler placed the Jews and other “undesirables” at the center of the blame for the happening in the German economy. Additionally, the persecution of the Jews skewed the data that is represented today because of the alienation of the Jews as citizens they were not included in the statistics collected at the time. Additionally, women were taken out of the data collection furthering the false validity of the statistics presented by the Nazi Party. How did the persecution of the Jews influence the inaccuracy of the data and statistics taken at this time? What impact did Hitler have on the German economy? How did Hitler unifying Germany aid in its economic recovery? How did Hitler’s attempt at European domination lead to the defeat of Germany during WWII? How did the money system in place before the end of the war compare to the money system after the war ceased?

Germany’s Economy before WWII: Due to the Treaty of Versailles Germany as a country was charged for the damages of WWI in the form of reparations
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