How Did The Soviet Union Develop A Command Economy

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The industrial expansion of the Soviet Union resulted in one of the greatest economic growths for a single country that the modern world has ever seen. This economic growth ultimately led to the USSR becoming one of the world’s only two superpowers in the post-WWII era. Much of the country’s economic growth occurred because of the USSR’s use of a command economy, which is “an economy in which production, investment, prices, and incomes are determined centrally by a government” [1]. Using a command economy, the USSR was able to force industrialization in certain sectors in which pre-Soviet Russia highly struggled. One of these sectors was the Nuclear Power sector. Ultimately, Soviet successes in the nuclear power industry were highly evident…show more content…
The most important success to come to nuclear power through the command economy was the resource allocation. As Mr. Semenov describes in “Nuclear Power in the Soviet Union,” the development of any “type of nuclear power reactor up to commercial scale requires time, …huge material, and huge financial resources,” an assertion which implies that the USSR’s command economy would be much more effective at such massive scale projects than the US’s market based economy [3]. Indeed, in terms of pure reactor creation driven by economy, the USSR managed to create the first nuclear power reactor ever to exist, beating what many believed to be the nuclear superior United States to this objective. The ability to repurpose all of the Nation’s GDP to any resource necessary was a huge positive for the creation of the new nuclear power…show more content…
First, as mentioned above, failure to mention reactors design flaws led to distrust in the infrastructure of the Soviet Union. While many scientists and researchers such as Valeri Legasov had noticed that there were issues with the reactors design prior to the disaster, and mentioned so in personal journals, the discovery of their failure to speak up lead to the questioning of Soviet leadership [5]. Additionally, these issues became worse upon the discovery of KGB classified documents that discussed various issues with the construction of the Chernobyl plant between 1971 and 1988 [7]. These compounding issues identified flaws
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