How Did The Technology Of Roman Empire Impact It?

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Step A: Plan of Investigation
It’s 510 BC and the Roman Empire started to gain strength. They broke treaties and conquered neighboring countries. They revised battle tactics, weapons, legions, but mostly technology to emerge as an undisputed leader of the Mediterranean. The Roman Empire was eager to find new ways, new technology, to help the empire grow beyond imaginable. Arches, military weapons, and basic technology were all created by the Empire. However, the question trying to be answered is, “How did the technology of Roman Empire impact it?” Technology was any invention that helped ease the lives of many or wars to be finished quicker. Through the research of different text sources such as Gedacht, Daniel C. Technology of Ancient Rome. New York, NY: PowerKids Press, 2004 or James, Simon. Ancient Rome. New York, NY: Knopf, 1990, we see technology impacting the knowledge of mankind, and how it has affected people in many different ways.

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Step B: Evaluation of Sources
The origin of this source is a book (secondary source) that was written by Charles W. Maynard. The Technology of Ancient Rome, was published by Rosen Central Publishers in New York, NY, in 2006. The significant purpose this book gave was to inform the reader about the technology of ancient Rome and how it affected the Roman Empire’s knowledge and advances in the world. The book starts off by explaining to the reader how the Roman Empire couldn’t have become the most powerful empire in the
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