How Did The U.s. Expand Westward And What Was Its Impact On Native Americans?

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PURPOSE 1 Question: How did the U.S. expand westward and what was its impact on Native Americans? Answer: The United States began expanding westward during the 1800s. During the early 1800s, America turned its attention towards the exploration and settlement of its Western territory. The amount of land had been greatly increased by the Louisiana Purchase of 1803, which almost doubled the size of the nation. Later on, the size of the United States increased yet again with the Mexican Cession and the Gadsden Purchase. From these, the United States gained California, Nevada, Utah, Texas, and parts of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming. Settlers swept westward, encouraged by the federal government. The government created the Homestead Act, which offered 160 acres of cheap land in the West under the condition that the settlers had to work the land for 5 years. As the Western territories became more and more developed, Native Americans and their culture were slowly destroyed through laws such as the Indian Removal Act and the Dawes Act. Native Americans were forced onto small reservations and their children were then forcibly assimilated into white American culture in order to make room for the white settlers. PURPOSE 2 Question: Why did nations desire to expand and gain power through imperialism? Answer: There were many philosophies about the way that America should interact with other countries. Some people felt that America should remain isolationist, avoiding

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