How Did The US Use The Atomic Bomb In World War II?

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Question 2 The Atomic Bomb/Nuclear Bomb was introduced to the world in World War II. The United States used the Atomic Bomb on Japan as a revenge for the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. The results were viewed as horrible and terrifying by every country in the world. The Atomic Bomb brought victory the States in World War II. Even though the Atomic Bomb can the key to win a war, it is really a good idea to use an Atomic Bomb which can cause millions of innocent deaths in a matter of time? This Atomic Bomb also known as the Ultimate weapon was first used in WWII. The research and development of the weapon cost United States around the 2 billion dollars. US called this investment/project the Manhattan Project. The main goal of this project to build a bomb that was enough to make Japan surrender in World War II. With the help of United Kingdom and Canada, US built the world’s first Atomic Bomb and tested it in Alamogordo, New Mexico. At his point, US was quite happy with the result but the result they collected didn’t show a lot of radiation. When US had their hands on the first Atomic, they decided to drop the bomb ono Hiroshima, Japan. The death toll of this bombing was…show more content…
Personally, I think that it was a bad idea to introduce the world to a weapon the can possibly wipe out the entire human race. United States shouldn’t have used the atomic bomb on Japan. See the results of the bombing on Japan, I don’t think that any country should have to face that type of bombing. Well, the Ultimate weapon is already introduced so how do we prevent countries from using it? I believe that if a country uses an Atomic Bomb/ Nuclear Bomb on another country, the country using the bomb should be banned from everything like trade, selling items to other countries and etc. That way the world can be a safe place and no one should have to worry about their offspring facing the deadly
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