How Did The Ukrainian Immigrants Affect Canadian Society?

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Inquiry Question: How did the Ukrainian Immigrants affect Canadian Society. Outline: P1: Introduction Canada, known to its citizens as being diverse and having multicultural history.One historical events of Canada is the Ukrainian immigration. In the 1800, the waves of immigration from the Ukrainian area began as one Ukrainian family came to. Ukrainians are one of the predominant groups that arrived to Canada to start anew. This led them to change a lot of Canada’s society then in the late 1800s. P2: Where they came from Ukrainian immigrants originated from various places in Europe that made up Ukraine today. Some came from Kiev, which is the capital of modern day Ukraine. Some historians also believed the immigrants arrived from a…show more content…
A different factor was the conditions P5: Life of Men The men typically came first before their family. Before they would settle down in one place, they would be at a constant move from one job in one place to another job in other. Once the men of the family made a considerable income and was able to afford the passage for their families, they would invite the family over with the passage money they earned. When they settled, they cleared the lands and made the houses from the land, for et cetera, lumber. Usually the houses are incomplete before the winters of Canada and when they rest of the family arrived.. P6: Life of Woman Women helped with the load of the work that men did. They helped with clearing the land in addition to watching over the chores of the house. The women didn’t expect the cold as the old country as said from the interview of Mary Prokop,”That first winter was the very hardest mother had ever experienced and, as she later told us children, at least in the old country, through the food was scarce, they had been been warm. He they were cold and isolated in the unfinished house for the entire severe winter.”(Interview #4)” P8: Community and Culture Ukrainians lived in proximity to other Ukrainians in the settlements that the Canadians provided.. With each other, the Ukrainians established a place that they could live in. Their culture didn’t flatter, in fact it flourished throughout the
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