How Did The Usa's Foreign Policy Change America

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The United States Of America was going through a very difficult time between the 1940’s and the 1930’s. In addition to facing the economic hardships uncommon to American history, people turned inward to resolve problems at home. The U.S became unconcerned with the downfall of European democracies because of the barbarous fascist leaders like Hitler , Mussolini, Stalin and Hirohito .The U.S was hellbent on staying out of the war. They believed that they were safe from Europe's rule as long as they didn't get involved. However, they’ve already involved themselves in it by supplying England with weapons and putting an embargo on Japan. Shortly after, the free country's fell one by in the hands of the dictators. America's foreign policy changed …show more content…

This was a policy before America entered WW2, this policy changed due to the fact that the U.S was supplying weapons to England in which broke The Neutrality Act. Furthermore, The United States Of America’s policy changed because on December 7th, 1941; the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by the Air Force and the navy. Japanese forces attacked Guam, Philippine Islands,Wake Island, and the Midway Island. The policy was changed because Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, Guam, Philippine Islands,Wake Island and Midway Island In which was all part of U.S territory. Next, the extent to which the U.S could've stayed out of WW2 is by proclamation define combat area, and thereafter it shall be unlawful, except under such rules and regulation as may be prescribed, for any citizen of the United States or any American vessel to proceed into or through any such combat area. The combat Areas so defined may be made to apply to surface vessel or aircraft or both. If the U.S obliged by the neutrality act they could've stayed out of the war by not selling weapons to England and putting an Embargo on Japan, by doing so the U.S choose sides and the Japanese empire attacked Pearl

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