How Did The Waac Change The World

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The discontinuation of Women's army auxiliary corps led to the formation of the women's army corps Not only did the WAAC extend women's rights but the WAC helped to continue women's roles. When the WAAC was discontinued, the honorable Edith Nourse Rogers helped to regain women's efforts to the war. The Women's army corps was known for how they took over the women's army auxiliary corps, how it helped us during the war, and most importantly what it did for us after the war.
The Women’s Army Auxiliary corps was discontinued because their was no military status at all. Therefore, Mrs. Rogers appointed another bill called the women's army corps with the hope of enlisting and appointing women. This bill was introduced in 1943 and President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed this bill on july 1, 1943. This bill was passed to help many american women get into the war. Many people did not support women in uniform, as they still thought women were the housewives, and men were to go out on in the war. When the WAAC was first made many hated it, this is why not many women got
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This not only allowed women to go in the military but it also helped us women to gain our freedom. After this, men got more used to women working and being in the army. It took awhile for us to gain our rights but after a while we were able to do as much as men. The 1900s is where a lot of laws and rights were gained for women. Women were leaders from their on and gained a lot of respect. Every Time women were leaders or did something good they got put in newspapers and america well knew what had happened. The women's army corps was overall a very good corporation and it helped us a lot through the war. Nowadays a lot of women are in the military branches and women are respected from the men
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