How Did The War Affect The Vietnam War?

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Introduction In this introduction I will talk about the problems that the Vietnamese war veterans face and at the end there will be ways that can help. In this essay I will be showing my findings/ research and answer my research topic which how did the war affect these soldiers. I will be discussing/finding problems like how the Vietnamese war. How they were treated and viewed by their fellow countrymen when they returned back home. How did it impact Countries/governments and who protested against the Vietnam War. What was the problem for the Vietnamese war veterans? Problem that the Vietnamese war veterans faced was the psychological effects which was very common for Vietnam veterans to have compared to WW2 veterans. The main cause of this is because it was different compared to other wars in the past like the condition that the soldiers were in. Studies has shown that a World War II soldiers experienced up to a total of 60 days under combat like conditions A Vietnam infantryman endured on a comparable basis 300+ days therefore Vietnam veterans have more likely to develop psychological problems than a World War II veteran. Many Symptoms for PTSD are Things or events act as triggers which remind you or resemble your traumatic event, Worrying about coping with everyday situations and Feeling that the traumatic event was happening again (hallucinations, flashbacks) etc. The everyday effects that it can cause for veterans is like trauma, withdraw, The way that this war
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