How Did The War Create Social Change?

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Name: Victoria Klenk Research Question: How did the war create an opportunity to create social change, and how did the reaction to women in wartime manufacturing affect the social standards of women in the workplace? Social and economic inequality between men and women is still an issue discussed today. When women were first allowed into ‘men’s’ jobs during World War II its opened social barriers, however the change in gender roles was only temporary, and women faced discrimination. Despite the inequalities they faced, women were able to experience a sense of responsibility outside of the home, and pride for their country. The different gender roles between men and women, and the governments acceptance of women in the workplace created a sense of responsibility for their country during World War II, caused by the reaction of men towards the women who joined the workforce despite the detriments and inequality the women faced the loyalty remained. World War II opened up the formerly male dominated industrial workplace to women, breaking social normality in the name of economic necessity. Many historians argue that, “World War II has been viewed as the turning point in the role of women in the labor force”. This idea is strengthened by the experience of Elma Beatty. She said that employers “were glad that somebody was coming in, because there were so many of the boys that had to immediately go”. Women faced a stigma surrounding working outside the home; however wartime
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