How Did The Wave Of Immigration And Italian Immigration

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99 percent of today’s United States population is comprised of immigrants and the descendants of immigrants. Immigration has been shaping the United States ever since the first immigrants arrived 400 years ago in the 1600s; however, it became very prevalent during the time of 1880 to 1899, as the first major wave of immigration fled to America. Millions of immigrants fled from all over the world seeking economic opportunity, specifically large masses from Italy and China. The Italians helped to build up large, successful cities like Chicago and New York while the Chinese worked to develop the western cities in California; however, the Chinese contributions were not appreciated so many laws and policies from the United States Congress were put in place to regulate their immigration but Italians were welcomed into the United States with the newly opened Ellis Island. In the late 19th century, the Chinese and Italian Immigration contributed to many of the economic, cultural, and political processes that serve as the fundamentals to the United States today.
Between 1880 and 1899, the United States experienced both a major wave of diverse immigration and a halt. This was a time of rapid industrialization and urbanization which attracted many immigrants. The mass production and introduction of factories in the cities required many unskilled workers which were perfect for immigrants. The jobs from industrialization could provide the immigrants with the better economic opportunity

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