How Did Thoreau Support The American Revolution?

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Would a peaceful pacifist support the American Revolution? Although many would believe it would impossible for a pacifist to support the American Revolution since it involved violence, it is possible because Americans used other methods besides violence to revolt against the British government. After studying “Civil Disobedience” by Henry David Thoreau and the American Revolution, I learned that although Thoreau was a pacifist, he would still support the American Revolution.
The American Revolution started in 1765 to break free from Britain’s tyrannical government (Jefferson). In order to break free from Britain's tyrannical government, groups, such as the Sons of Liberty, fought British taxation and battled the Stamp Act (Fiske 23). In the
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Thoreau believed, “If a thousand men were not to pay their tax-bills this year, that would not be a violent and bloody measure, as it would be to pay them, and enable the State to commit violence and shed innocent blood” (Thoreau). According to Thoreau, the only successful revolution is the refusal to pay taxes because it involves nonviolence. The American revolution demonstrated the opposition to Thoreau’s beliefs because it involved violence. For example, during the American Revolution local citizens lured the Gaspee ship, then shot the commanding officer and captured his crew (Pyle). Although Americans used violence to break free from Britain, Thoreau would still support the American Revolution because Americans also used nonviolence and they succeeded in their main goal of breaking free of Britain’s tyrannical government. Thoreau would have supported America's main goal of breaking free from Britain’s tyrannical government. At first, Americans used nonviolent tactics such as refusing to pay taxes to attempt to achieve their goal (Fiske 102). When the nonviolent tactics did not work, Americans reverted to violence. Since Americans started off with using non-violence to achieve their goal Thoreau would support the American
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