How Did Ticketmaster 's Move Toward Greater Transparency Help Its Standing With Customers?

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#1) How did Ticketmaster’s move toward greater transparency help its standing with customers? In what ways might transparency be potentially detrimental? When Nathan Hubbard, the CEO of Ticketmaster took over the company, he immediately noticed that there was a negative press regarding Ticketmaster and how the company was conducting business. Mr. Hubbard noticed that the main problem with the company was that the customers as well as the artists were unhappy. Mr. Hubbard directed his main focus on customer satisfaction in order to be able to keep its customers. Mr. Hubbard, Stanford MBA-educated CEO used Customer Satisfaction system which helped him see three main issues that were affecting the lower ticket sales, artist boycotts, and…show more content…
How has this helped the company? How might it have harmed it? When the CEO of Ticketmaster decided to change the company’s vision to more customer-friendly, it gained the customers’ trust. The customers, venue organizers and artists saw that Ticketmaster’s management was willing to listen what they have to say and were open to make changes in order to make it better for everyone and increase profits as well as ticket sales. One of the biggest change that Ticketmaster did is to provide an interactive seating chart which allowed customers to pick their own seats instead of the best available seats picked by Ticketmaster. Another change that the company made was that the customers were allowed to pay for the tickets and print at the same time without any fees. In addition to that, Ticketmaster started not charging promoters and venue owners any fees when they were trying to promote the concert, games or theatrical venues. This was a risky move on Ticketmaster’s part; however, it paid off at the end based on an increased sales of tickets, and more artists started doing business with them. Moreover, Ticketmaster started alerting Facebook friends of the customers who are going to what show, which encouraged more people to purchase their tickets and go see whatever show their friends were going to see. #3) If you were the CEO of one of the world’s most “hated” companies, what would be your top three

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