How Did Tybalt Lose His Life

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Tybalt On this gloomy day a most defiant warrior has lost his life. February 7th, 264 AD Tybalt the champion died in the colosseum against the now leading superior Brutus. Tybalt lost his life to a critical blow from Brutus’s spear condemning his soul to the afterlife. Tybalt fought in the colosseum since a young age and now lays counting the worms at the age of 35. Tybalt left only a single son Tatianus who may grow up to be a warrior even Greater in fame. Tybalt's record stands with 43 wins against both beasts and man making him one of the greatest warriors the colosseum has ever seen. He was born and bred in our city of Rome and has been here his whole life. Tybalt was raised watching these battles and decided to fight like the warriors
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