How Did W B Yeats Contribution To Irish Nationalism

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The aim of this thesis is to concentrate on those poems of W.B. Yeats which deal with Irish Nationalism. His poems intimately connect history and literature. The MLA 7th edition format has been used in writing this thesis.
Nationalism is a doctrine invented in Europe in the beginning of the nineteenth century. It pretends to supply the criterion for the determination of the unit of population proper to enjoy a government exclusively of its own, for the legitimate exercise of power in the state for the rights, organization, of a society, of states. Briefly, the doctrine holds that humanity is naturally divided into nations, that nations are known by certain characteristics which can be ascertained, and that the only legitimate type of government is national self-government. (Kedourie 9) The nation–state is the focus of nationalism. Nationalism is a sentiment and an ideology. Nationalist sentiment means giving primacy to national interest above all interests. Nationalist ideology may be defined as a desire of a group people living in a particular geographical area to become an independent nation by evolving their own language, symbol, flag and declaring national festivals, and people living in that area following these rules. It is about loyalty towards the nation and if the nation is under colonial rule then the national movement
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Yeats’ contribution to Irish nationalism is literary. He took part in political activities but through his writings he tried to revive a sense of pride among the people of Ireland. He wanted Irish literature to have its unique place among the literature of other languages. During his youth, he wrote poems to arouse nationalistic feelings, to revive a glorious past and heroic days and to protest against the atrocities inflicted on the Irishmen by the British. But later on, due to bitter experiences, he became a realist and his poetry was patriotic but universal in theme. His view of the world matured in his later

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