How Did Walt Disney Influence The World

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On December 5th, 1901 a legend is born, Walter Elias Disney became an icon in the cartoon and children movie business. From the theme park in Orlando to the cartoons on televisions across the nation, Walt Disney has engraved his name in history and in many of our hearts as one of the most influential people in modern art.
Walt Disney was the fourth born to a poor family in Chicago Illinois. A few years after he Walter was born the family moved to Marceline Missouri a town of about two thousand people. While living in Marceline Walter started to develope his love for drawing by copying the front page of his local newspaper as well as making his own drawings and selling them to a retired doctor. In the year of 1918 Walt Disney tried to enlist in the armed forces but he was rejected to serve in a combat position due to him only being sixteen at the time. Instead he went to France and drove an ambulance for the Red Cross. During his time with the Red Cross he grew in his artistic abilities by covering the ambulance with cartoons from the front to the back. This was the start to what would become some of the greatest cartoons in American history (WALT).
After coming home from France Walt walter became intrigued
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Walt was known for helping struggling artists get on there feet after completing school. One of his greatest influences was actually established after Walt died when his wife gave the California Institute of the arts a donation to refurbish a old auditorium which was named the Walt Disney Modular Theatre. He also had an elementary school dedicated in his name as well as many public buildings in his hometown of Marceline. Walt also had a profound impact on modern cartoons and television. Another influence Walt had was with people with learning disabilities, Walt had dyslexia and proved to many people that just because something may be harder for some to do does not mean it can not be
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