How Did War Influence Neoclassical Art

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War has always bright the bad and the good side of people. War has no happy ending, many will be lost, and many will suffer those losses. Artwork done during a time of crisis or major event has given us the most memorable and priceless pieces that we continue to study and be amazed. The 18th century is no different with its number of tragedy artwork that shows the struggles and triumphs through its many artists. Neoclassical and Romanticism are two forms of artwork that were present during the French Revolution; both styles were influenced by the war being fought.
The French Revolution affected Neoclassical artist, such as Jacques-Louis David his artwork showed that dying for your country was the noblest thing any man can do, this is perfectly seen in “The Oath of the Horatii.”
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In this oil painting, you can see that use of brush stroke is very different then neoclassical art, it has softer strokes that blend well together, shading and dark colors add more the depth to the meaning Delecroix is trying to push through. This painting came to light when the people fighting the war needed it the most; it gives strength to all that see this painting, the message is no matter how hard things may seem, we have to fight for our rights, this includes all men, women, and children. (Zygmont, 2017)
In conclusion, tragedy, wars, revolutions, politics, and religion has helped many artists make some of their most prized artwork, they utilized real events to paint and sculpt how people got effective by these events, it helped give strength, empathy, and anger to stand up to Government and demand a better future, as seen in the paintings of Jacues-Louis David in his “Death of Socrates” or Eugène Delecoix’s “Liberty Leading the People”. Through the eyes of these artistic, we can see how the events unfolded, all by a stroke of the brush or
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