How Did Washington Influence The American Government

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As of now, England is a capitalist country, ruled by a constitutional monarchy and parliament, and is a part of the United Kingdom. Washington is supposedly the most democratic state in the United States, as there are many democratic liberals living there. Although both countries have not undergone any major revolutions or major changes in government, the Glorious Revolution of 1688 in England did slightly change the way of their government. In this historical event, William of Orange took the throne from James II, giving the Parliament more power to create a balanced monarchy. Before, people felt as though the monarchy had all the power, and Parliament did not have enough. Until today, this way of government has taken effect.
Being the
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However, England is overwhelmingly participant in lots of global affairs and has a powerful influence on global politics. And since they are a part of the United Kingdom and the European Union, they are subject to their treaties, organizations, and agreements. Some of the intergovernmental organizations (IGO’s) that UK is currently a part of include EU, UN (Permanent Security Council), NATO, IAEA, WTO, World Bank, and IMF (4W). They have also signed numerous security and trade agreements, ensuring them of safety and business. Security agreements consist of NNPT, with UK as one of the five countries with nukes, and the Outer Space Treaty. In addition, England is always negotiating and making treaties with all the countries. The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a fine example of a trade agreement between the EU and US. There also many other trade agreements in place between England and several other countries, including South Korea and Switzerland. Some nongovernmental organizations (NGO’s) that England participates in are Amnesty, Greenpeace, ITUC, and World Vision. In summary, England has amazing diplomatic relations with the world, but this is not applicable to Washington as they are a US…show more content…
Besides for the fact that one was a state, they were both part of a larger country. Washington is part of the United States, and England is part of the United Kingdom, thus, they are both subject to all their laws, agreements, and organizations. In addition, the living conditions, religion, and ethnicity seemed very alike. Both are very pleasant places to live; do not have such a high crime and poverty rates; and both countries’ major religion was a form of Christianity. They also both had a mostly white population. In contrast, however, the cultures of each state were significantly different. English natives are brought up with a strict expectancy of manners, while in Washington everyone lives their lives the way they want. But both states are extremely well developed, and advanced in industry and finance. And the two had very high ratings for human rights; humans are treated with the utmost respect in both
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