How Did World War II Affect Women 's Rights

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A. Plan of the Investigation Considering the relatively extensive rights women have gained in the past century, this investigation will provide an in-depth analysis of what rights have truly been gained, at what pace, when and to what extent, specifically in regards to Canadian women in the labor force. Therefore, the question as to “How did World War II affect Women’s Rights in the Labor Force of Canada?” will be investigated by first representing three sources (all scholarly articles), "Women and Income Security in the Post-War Period: The Case of Unemployment Insurance, 1945-1962" By Ann Porter, "Revisiting Canada 's civilian women during World War II" By Jeff Keshen and “Pick One Intelligent Girl: Employability, Domesticity and the Gendering of Canada 's Welfare State, 1939-1947” By Jennifer Anne Stephen. Anecdotes, statistics and other pertinent evidence will be deduced from each source in order to be presented, and evaluated. Evaluation of each source will include analysis of potential author biases and overall message of the source for readers, as well as an evaluation of the accuracy of the data presented in each source. Consequently, a conclusion will be drawn in order to distinguish the reliability the sources in giving accurate support and evidence to the guiding question. B. Summary of Evidence During the period of the Second World War from 1939 to 1945, Canadian women were allowed a rapid introduction into spheres of labor previously dominated solely by
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