How Did World War II Get To America?

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Have you ever wondered how close WWII ever got to America? Not many people have heard of the spies that Hitler sent to Long Island NY and Ponte Verdra Beach, Florida to destroy our land. In the heart of World War II, two German submarines put eight men ashore at both of those locations. The invaders mission was to not seize but to sabotage key places in the United States. Their goals were to cripple the land and destroy major hydroelectric plants, important aluminum factories, critical railroad tracks, bridges and canals, and the water supply system of New York City. In other words, take out the main arteries and cut off supplies to cripple our country. Hitler was eager to prove to the United States that it was as vulnerable as any country in Europe, and wanted to “watch the U.S. burn in flames.” (Movie) Hitler ordered a sabotage operation to be mounted against targets inside America. It was just four days after the bombing of Pearl Harbor when he declared war on the U.S., and began this operation. (Article) He started the operation with a total of ten trainees however only nine made it. (Movie) “Lieutenant Walter Kappe, who was 37 years old, and a longtime member of the Nazi party.” (Article) Kappe was put in charge of gathering the eight…show more content…
Dasch asked the Coast Guardsman a few questions, the said “‘Forget about this and I’ll give you some money and you can have a good time.’ Dasch held out two $50 bills, which the Coast Guardsman refused.” Article Dasch grew frustrated and added more money and the Coast Guardsman accepted. “Then Dasch did something that was to prove very important later on. He grabbed the Coast Guardsman’s flashlight and shone it on his own face. ‘You’ll be meeting me in East Hampton sometime.’”(Article) Dasch then went back to his men when they then Found their way to the
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