How Did Ww1 Affect British Literature

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During the 20th century World War I had a huge effect on British literature, both good and bad. It ultimately changed the way British writers and authors construct their work. World War I made a huge impact not only on civilians not involved in the war, but also on the men fighting in the gruesome war. The Great War brought wisdom and new unique writing styles to the British literature world. The Great War changed many things in the British literature world. Dr. Fiona Robinson says in an article “First World War literature presents a range of many new perspectives.” (Robinson). Along with new perspectives, many new writers were starting to come up. A.D Harvey states in an article on “From the very first week, the 1914-18 war inspired enormous quantities of poetry and fiction. The claim that three million war poems were written in Germany in the first six months of hostilities is difficult to substantiate, but Catherine W. Reilly has counted 2,225 English poets of the First World War, of whom 1,808 were civilians. For example, William Watson (then an esteemed poet, today virtually forgotten) quickly decided that his war poems should be 'so much in evidence that people [would] be saying that W.W. is the real national poet in this crisis', and had sixteen different war poems printed in various newspapers in the first six weeks.” (Harvey). Carolyn Wilson says “The war’s extreme brutality led to an outpouring of literature concerning its conduct and effects

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