How Did You Become Literate?

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How did I become literate? My earliest and fondest memory of reading was in second grade. Certainly I remember reading time in preschool and kindergarten when we read Brown Bear or the Hungry Caterpillar, but my love for reading came to me in second grade. I was slacking in English class and my parents and teachers didn’t know what to do. So they came up with a plan to put me in an extra reading class that would help me learn and keep up with the other students. I didn’t love the idea at first, but I did it because my parents wanted me to. In this extra reading class they made us read short stories that I thought were very boring. Then we began reading longer stories and eventually we read an entire book. I can’t remember exactly what stories we all read, but eventually I…show more content…
I picked up one of the books and fell in love with all the things that it could teach me. My mother who was a special education teacher at the time had always pushed me and my siblings to read. She brought home tons of books for us to read. When I told her I found a great book on horses she was so proud, and from that moment on I have always had a love of reading. My love for reading has grown so much that I now read everything in sight, but reading wasn’t enough for me as it turned out. From all the great books I read I started to come up with ideas about new exciting books people could write, that I could write. So during my eight grade year my burning desire to write a book compelled me to finally do so. I used three notebooks and a ton of lead and wrote my story. When I was finished, I typed it up on my computer and printed it out to show everyone I knew. When people saw that I wrote a book they were proud of me and this pride made me want to continue, but sadly school activities took up all my time and I was unable to finish my second book. My story of how I learned how to love to read and write isn’t quite like Sherman Alexie’s superman moment but it is
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