Adult Interview

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Interviewer: “To begin, how did you manage to survive your childhood? Everything about your life growing up seemed so chaotic and difficult, yet you not only survived it, but went on to prosper in New York, despite it being a radically different environment than the one you grew up in.”

Jeannette: “I never thought of it as surviving; I thought of it as living. When I was young, I believed in my father and that he always knew what was best for me and the family. When I was very young and we lived in the desert, I enjoyed most parts of my life. My father and I were close and went on our own adventures in the desert. My parents gave me so much freedom, that despite how odd my life was, I loved it. For the most part during that time, I never
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For as long as I can remember, my parents always showed their care for me, and with everything they did, they kept their children in mind. Although what they did wasn’t always in the best interests of my siblings and I, they never intended to harm us. What strengthened our love even more was all of the struggles we faced together. These things, although shocking to others, are what strengthened our family’s bond. Even after my father became a serious alcoholic, he never stopped caring for us. My love for him and my mother reciprocated this. Throughout my childhood, my mother and father never stopped trying to do the best for their kids. They simply did it in their own special ways. Because of their dedication to me, I never gave up on them, even if at times, it may not have been the best idea.”

Interviewer: “Your story is truly inspiring. From your amazing endurance through your childhood, to your unconditional love for your father and mother, you have shown great strength and courage. However, this story also contains many disturbing personal details. What motivated you to share you story with the world, especially in such an open way that seemed to show little regret about your
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