How Did the Cold War Begin

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Alicia B. Vaughner | How Did the Cold War Begin? | | | POL 300 027016*201004 | Strayer University | | How Did the Cold War Begin? No one seems to be able to agree on an exact date of when the Cold War began. There was never an official announcement of warfare to note the start beginning of the conflict. The cause of the Cold War stems from many causes. However, it was mainly due to conflict between the United States and the then Soviet Union. “Both the United States and the Soviet Union had been born in revolution. Both embraced ideologies with global aspirations: what worked at home, their leaders assumed, would also do for the rest of the world.” (Gaddis, 2005, p 7) Both were well ahead of other countries in many…show more content…
The Soviet section became the Communist-governed German Democratic Republic, and the sections that had been dominated by France, Great Britain and the United States was now known has the Federal Republic of Germany. (Maus p 15) Basically, the Cold War era had been put into motion by those three conferences that were held by the Allies leaders by separating Europe into two parts. “Whether one points the finger at the Soviet Union or the United States, the early explanations for the origins of the conflict were essentially extensions of the political atmosphere of their time.” (Hanhimaki & Westard, 2003 p ix) The division of the United States and the Soviet Union had not really began in the early part of 1946, but progress during the following few years pretty much promised a long era of animosity among the two countries. “Not only was Truman siding openly with the more anti-Communist voices in his government, but Soviet actions in the rest of the world seemed to justify the opinions of those who believed that peaceful coexistence with the Soviets was impossible.” (Maus, 2003, p 16 The problem with all of this is that you cannot force people to do what you want them to do. Trying to force a nation or many nations to change their way of life is
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