How Did the Mongols Accomplish the Conquest of Such a Large Territory Within Such a Short Period of Time?

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MONGOL ESSAY During the early thirteenth century Chinggis Khan and his following successors helped forge various tribes in to a powerful alliance that built the largest empire the world has ever seen. The Mongolian empire reached great in size in such a short period of time. This was basically because of the sturdy Mongol army and many efficient policies the Khan family established. The Mongols were very knowledgeable in military tactics. There empire had a strong sense of unity, helping the empire get so great so rapidly. There allies also contributed to the Mongolian empire. By the time of Chinggis Khan's death in 1227, he had laid the foundation of a vast and mighty empire, which continued to grow with his tactics set in stone.…show more content…
The Mongols used well planned military tactics that undoubtedly lead them to victory time and time again. The soldiers were very obedient and listened to the appointed chiefs well. One tactic they used to beat there enemy and expand their empire was this; the prince appoints an officer to every ten men, one to every hundred, one to every thousand, and one to every ten thousand, as stated in the book, and document 1 and 4. Another tactic used by the Mongols was as follows; the Mongol army would pretend to retreat, therefore making the rival believe they had won, when in reality that was just the start. The Mongols would then turn and fire arrows at there opponents, killing them and conquering there land that strengthened as well as add growth to their empire. Revenge also contributed to the conquering of more and more conventional societies. For example in 1218 Chinggis Khan sought to open trade and diplomatic relations with the Khwarazm Shah, but the Shah despised the Mongols. So he ordered his officials to murder Chinggis Khan's envoys. The following year the Mongols went on a revenge rampage. Declared in document 7 and 9, the Mongols shatter the Shah's army. This lead to the killings of hundreds of thousands of people around that area. This rampage strengthened and made the empire a lot larger in size. Khubila was a main reason why the Mongols accomplished the conquest of such a large amount of terrain within such a

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