How Did the Renaissance Change the World?

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The Renaissance time period took place during the 14th and the 16th centuries it began in Europe. The Renaissance was a time of art, open ideas, and new beginnings. Before this time there was the Middle Ages. Then it was not a good time at all, it was full of sickness, disease, death, and the plague it killed almost half of Europe’s population. After the plague slowly decreased the population in Europe started to grow. Lots of new things started to happen. Like Bankers Merchants, and Tradespeople had a new market for their services. People became wealthier and had more money to spend. People began to build much bigger houses and buy more expensive clothes and people became more interested in the art and liturature.…show more content…
And it didnt have to be under a church topic, it could be in the mood setting shown of war, or a fantasy. The arts during the renaissance were very beautiful and showed lots of beauty, they showed lots of emotion and detail to them. They had lots of color to show the detail as well. The art work during the middle ages was quiet dull and didn’t show much of anything, but the fact of it having to deal with christianity. It didn’t show much emotion, it was hard to see what the painting was trying to show. The renaissance was very vivid and detailed comparted to the middle ages. The 14th century was a time of great crisis, the Hundred Year War and the Turmoil in the Catholic Church all shook peoples faith in the government, religion, and their fellow men. The renaissance all began in Italy where the culture was surrounded by the remnants of a once glorious empire. Italians rediscovered the writings, philosophy, art, and architecture of the ancient Greeks and Romans and began to see antiquity as the golden age which held the answers to reinvigorating their society. Humanists celebrated the mind, beauty, power, and enormous potential of human beings. They believed that people were able to experiance god directly and should have a personal, emotional relationship to their faith. God had made the world but humans were able to share in his glory by becoming
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