Essay about How Did the Stalemate End?

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How Did The Stalemate End? The stalemate came about at Christmas 1914 along the Western Front. From there the different countries fought each other in different battles and tried to outflank the other. By March 1918 the stalemate was broken. In this question I will explain why the war ended and why Germany was finally beaten. New Technology like the Tank New technology was very important for the reason in which the stalemate on the western front was broken. The idea of tanks was brought up during the war but unfortunately this idea was rejected. It wasn’t until September 1916 that the first war tank was made by the British as a sort of mobilised pillbox with caterpillar tracks that could advance forward under withering machine…show more content…
Warfare technology had improved greatly prior to World War 1, but certainly tactics hadn’t. Tactics still seemed to be hand to hand combat type of stuff. But machine guns and trenches made that kind of thinking obsolete. This then wasn’t really the most important and the most successful way of trying to break the stalemate. The American Entry in the War In 1917 the German had used unrestricted submarine warfare to starve Britain out. This involved sinking American ships. One ship that was sunk by the Germans had passengers in it. Then German sent a secret telegram suggesting allying with Mexico against America. This made it likely for the Americans to finally to enter the war. USA declared war on Germany in April 1917 but it took them over a year before they could get ready. They got to the western front in May 1918. The American had a population 90 million which gave the military the potential to have a huge army. America's industrial might was very different in the world. In steel production alone, America produced three times as much as Germany and Austria did. However, America did not have an economy that had been put on a war footing and such a transformation would take time - and the Allies did not have time on their side. The Americans joining the First World War which helped due to the fresh soldiers brought into battle. Troops already in the fighting had a morale boost because of the influx of troops, evening the balance
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