How Diet Is Healthy Foods

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This project brought me to the realization that while I do eat rather healthy foods, I do not eat enough of them. My diet was under the suggested amount of most food groups, and over one. I also was under in seventeen out of the forty nutrients it suggests the average person should consume. My diet only went over two of the forty nutrients. The Nutrients Report reported that I consumed a very good amount, one equal to or close to what they suggest, of sixteen out of the forty nutrients. My diet consisted of forty percent of the nutrients I needed; forty-three percent of the nutrients were not met. Sixty percent of my food groups were not met and five percent of o=my food groups were exceeded. My calorie limit every day was 2200 calories, and my average was 1326, which is good. I also did not hit my additional sugars limit or my saturated fat limit. I was under my additional sugars limit by eighty-two calories, and I was under my saturated fat limit by sixty-nine calories. I did not consume enough of each food group. My average amount eaten was under for every food group, excluding protein foods. My diet consisted of five ounces of grains on average, which is under the target amount by two ounces. I consumed one and one fourth cups of vegetables on average, which is under the target amount by one and three fourths cups. I consumed no fruit in the three day period that I tracked, obviously not hitting the goal of two cups per day. There was an average of one and three fourths
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