How Diet Is Important, And A Diet Analysis

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Learning about our diet is very important, and a diet analysis is a good way to find out how our diet is helping or affecting our organism. For instant, when we analyze our diet we find out if the nutrients in our diet met the target amount our body needs to function adequately. From my food intake record, I can point out that I eat at least 1 cup of rice everyday, which contain 577 mg of sodium. Rice is part of the grains group, and I eat about 8 ounces per day when I should only be eating 6 ounces. Moreover, I eat bread everyday as well, which increases my intake of grains and sodium. These two foods are the main reason my levels of sodium are so high. In addition, I eat a good amount of black beans which represent 368 mg of sodium. Beans are part of the vegetable group and also count as protein intake. I also eat a variety of meat such as chicken, beef, pork and fish. I get some protein from these meats, and also a low percentage of saturated fat comes from these meat. Meat also provides sodium, which increases my sodium levels even more. I consume from 6 to 8 ounces of protein just from meat when I should be only consuming about 6 ounces of protein foods in total. I don’t consume a good amount of dairy products; I only drink a cup of milk a day; however, my intake should be 3 cups per day. On the other hand I don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables; I only eat about 1 cup of vegetables and 1 cup of fruits a day while the recommended amount is two cups of each everyday. I
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