How Dietary Guidelines Are Helping Americans Healthy Choices Essay

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1. I believe the two most important Dietary guidelines are Helping Americans Make Healthy Choices, and increasing our consumption of vegetables, fruits, and calcium, discussed in Chapter 4. If we continue to help Americans make healthy choices and make those choices visible, we might be able to get more people physically active. Increasing consumptions of vegetables, fruits, and calcium will reduce your risk of many chronic diseases, stroke, cancer, and diabetes. Calcium, fruits, and vegetables make your body stronger and maintain your body, without them your body becomes weak. 2. Disease is a medical term, used to describe the presence of some clinical pathology, which is utilized for therapy and diagnosed by a clinician. Illness is a lay concept, used to describe when a person experiences, biological alteration in the body. It is an individual response to physiological and psychological stimuli. There are people who have abnormalities in the body and don’t feel any illness, or people whose tissues don’t experience changes but they don’t function well. I believe they can exist in the absence of others, if you are ill, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are fighting a disease. While, you could have a disease, but don’t experience illness. ( 3. Health is defined as “A set of attributes that allow a person to fully engage in life. Having the

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