How Dietary Tracking Is Important For People With Diet Related Health Issues

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Dietary tracking is very important for people with diet related health issues, people trying to lose weight, and just understanding and keeping everyday nutritional health. Many websites, applications, and devices have dietary tracking databases that need the food to be inputted, and selected from a large list (ChooseMyPlate, 2016; SuperTracker, 2015; SelfNutritionData, 2016; Fontana, Farooq, Sazonov, 2014). This process can take 20 - 30 minutes for a diverse meal, which requires users to sit down and input everything they eat. Eating foods with unlabeled packaging makes it nearly impossible to track and input its nutritional value. With the Om Nom NoMonitor food profiling technology, the user will no longer have to worry about unlabeled foods. The Om Nom NoMonitor has software that can analyze a picture taken directly from a mobile phone using technology similar to facial recognition, and then display statistics and log it into a digital food journal (University of Salzburg, 2016). This product would be the best solution for this issue. The Om Nom NoMonitor would be represented most accurately and commercially feasible by a smartphone and downloadable app. The key aspects of this solution are Science and Technology. Sciencetifically, the project must incorporate Food Science and Nutritional Science to catalog the various qualities different foods possess and how that affects health. Technology is the major element, as new software must be either created or adapted, along

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