How Different Features Of The Musculoskeletal System Functioning?

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This essay will talk about how different features of the musculoskeletal system functioning in terms of movement, support and load bearing, the factors which affect tensions in developed muscle and different roles of muscle and their roles in movement. The first part to start with is to understand what musculoskeletal system is and the function of it. The basic function of musculoskeletal system is to support the human body, allow movement, support and protect organs, it also known as the loco-motor system. The system is formed by bones, cartilage, ligaments, muscles, tendons, joints and other connective tissue that supports and binds tissues and organs together. The skeletal part of the system works as storage system for calcium and phosphorus. It is essential for bones to regulate mineral balance in the bloodstream, and then the variation of minerals is high, these minerals are stored in bone; when it is low, minerals are withdrawn from the bone. The skeleton system has a critical relationship with blood production (hematopoietic) system. The hematopoietic system locates in long bones and there are two distinctions of bone marrow. The yellow marrow has fatty connective tissue, the body uses the fat in yellow marrow for energy; the red marrow is important for blood cell production. The bones also provide stability to the body; muscles keep bones in place and also play a role in movement of the bones. When movement happens, different bones are connected by joints and
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