How Different Gender Will Affect The Reaction Rate Of 13

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YR 12 INVESTIGATION: REACTION TIMES. BY CAITLIN DAWSON TITLE: How different gender will affect the reaction rate of 13 to 17 years olds. ABSTRACT: This investigation entailed the study of wether gender will affect the reaction times when tested. The average visual reaction time for a human is 0.25 seconds (250 milliseconds) and the average touch reception is 0.15 seconds (150 milliseconds), adding both these figures gives and estimated group time of 0.40 seconds (400 milliseconds). The average reaction speed for the boys was 342 and the average reaction speed for the girls was 392, in relation to average reaction speed these results are quite accurate as the age bracket was younger and smaller than the expected averages for humans.This investigation is well related to society as the measurement of visual reaction time has been used to evaluate the processing speed of Central Nervous System and the co-ordination between the sensory and motor systems, when shown a visual stimulus. Stimulus > Sensory Neuron > Spinal Cord/Brain > Motor Neuron = Response. INTRODUCTION: Reaction time plays a very important role in our lives as it determines our every day life, factors that can affect the average human reaction time including age, gender, exercise/ health, distractions, height etc. Reaction time is a measure of how quick organisms can respond to types of stimulus, e.g visual or auditory. A reflex is a rapid, automatic response to a change in the external or
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