How Different Guest Has Certain Requirements When Dining

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Different guest has certain requirements when dining in a restaurant. Working as a server, it is the server’s job to read their guests as they serve them so that they can be more familiar with whom they are dealing with and so the server can gain knowledge on what the proper way to approach certain types of guests. When you get the opportunity to become a server, it is important to know what kind of people you’re dealing with so that their stay can result in getting a good tip. Not everyone is the same, you will have your worse and best customers it all depends on what kind of customer you get. The Regulars The Regulars are the ones that come in at least once a week, they know the menu by heart as well as the employees’ names. They usually sit in the same area of the restaurant at a certain time of the day. Regulars come in still in their work uniforms after a long day at work. Servers don’t talk to them like they would to any other guest, they would talk to them like a friend and they know them on a more personal level. As a regular, they expect the servers to already know what they want to order seeing as the regulars come in for the same meal. They love the recognition they get from the workers and managers, it makes them feel special knowing that they aren’t just a regular guest, but they are part of the restaurant family leaving you with an excellent tip. The Introverts The Introverts are the ones who come in and eat by themselves and sit far away from the other
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