How Different Psychologists Defined Intelligence

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Sabrina Espadas Psychology Mrs. K June 24,2015 How Different Psychologists Defined Intelligence For many people, the definition of intelligence on an individual is that whom stand out based on their educational accomplishments,ability to perform a hard fast fast and efficiently, and clever remarks. For psychologists;however, a simple definition isn’t sufficient to come to an agreement of the definition of intelligence , hence their developed theories. Some of the contributors to theories are Charles Spearman and his theory of General Intelligence, Louis L. Thurstone and his theory of Primary Mental Abilities, Howard Gardner: Multiple Intelligences, and Robert Sternberg’s Triarchic Theory of Intelligence. Many people claim that Test scores don’t define a person’s true intelligence and capabilities. However, in 1904, Charles Spearman introduced his theory of General Science that as Education Today defines is “ a general cognitive idea that can be measured and numerically expressed” ( 13). Charles theory of intelligence is the system that is measured with an IQ score. An IQ test consists of questions such as matching analogies, determining patterns, classification, and visual in an untimed period. Spearman’s theory was developed when he made an observation on children when their tests scores were correlated amongst their cognitive knowledge. Spearman also noticed that students who performed
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