How Dior 's Influence On Fashion Industry

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There have been and still are hundreds of fashion designers in the world. But only a few of them have had any major impact on fashion industry today. And even fewer have revolutionised the fashion industry completely. One of these revolutionaries is the renowned Christian Dior. He reestablished Paris as the centre of the fashion world, and created his name as a symbol of elegance, quality, and modernity. I will be looking into how Dior’s context informed his practice, by using three of his most iconic and popular designs; The Bar Suit, Venus Dress and the Cygne Noir dress. And how these were a direct representation of 1945-1950 France. Christian Dior was born on the 21 of January 1905. He grew up in Granville France to a affluent family, that worked in manufacturing. ‘Dior’s first interest in clothes developed in his teens when he dressed up as king Neptune for a fancy dress party.’ He went to school to study political science at Ecole des Sciences Politiques in Paris in 1920. This was because of his parent 's insistence. Dior then got the call for military service and served in the French Army from 1927-1928. In 1938 Robert Piguet hired him as a design assistant. Then after the war ended he began working for Lucien Lelong. Before pursing his own ambition and opening his own fashion house. Dior rose to fame quickly after he showcased his first collection ‘La Ligne Corolle’. Carmel Snow the editor and -chief of Harper’s Bazaar at the time gave the collection a name that
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