How Discipline Is Not Easy

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Discipline has always been, to me, a thought of growing in yourself or in this case growing in your relationship with Christ. Discipline is not easy, in fact, it is hard, but the results are what we discipline ourselves for. Celebration of Discipline was a very eye opening and insightful book in many aspects. Foster, the author, describes spiritual discipline as an inward and outward reality. Meaning, the inner and outward attitude of the discipline. The bible uses spiritual discipline to describe fasting, prayer, worship, and even celebration. When Jesus spoke of spiritual discipline, he hardly gives instruction of how to discipline ourselves spiritually. This book book gives more of an outline/guidance to types of disciplines that could help you in your spiritual journey. There are three types of disciplines discussed in this book, along with many sub-categories within each type. All these groups are used to help one form a more well-rounded spiritual life. The types are inward, outward, and corporate discipline. Inward discipline is a type of discipline that focuses on your inner self/spiritual life. This involves things like praying, meditation, fasting, and studying. Outward disciple is more of what you can do as an individual to discipline yourself spiritually, such as simplicity, solitude, submission, and service. These are still self centered but more focused on the outside actions rather than the inside actions. Finally, we have the corporate discipline. This
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