How Disney Has Changed Their Perception Of Their Business Ideas

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When people think of Disney, the think of living in a fairytale and a day they will never forget, however there are many factors that Disney has to consider for this to be true. Disney has to do analysis including numerous factors before make their enormous financial decisions. Over their course in business, Disney has made several costly mistakes that changed their perception of their business ideas. When Disney decides to build a new location they must take every factor into consideration. Even when they believe they have covered all the bases, in reality there is no way to be completely sure in how things will turn out in the future. One example is EuroDisney and their poor performance. Disney initially believed they built a true masterpiece. They believed the new location would be just like the Tokyo park; which was a rare example. Furthermore, Disney was over optimistic in how successful their locations could be compared to Tokyo. However, they were sadly mistaken in reality. Their creation of EuroDisney was a huge flop, contrary to the extensive research they left out key factors that destroyed their success. They disregarded key factors such as competition, cultural differences and environment; these factors were key to their failure. If Disney would have came in with a different mindset, these factors would have been taken into consideration. As a result, there would have been gigantic changes in their marketing strategy. Furthermore there were similar mistakes

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