How Disney Parks Become The Popular Amusement Park It Is Today? Essay

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Romi Winston U.S. History Dr. King Owen 1 10/16/15 The History of Disneyland How did Disney theme parks become the popular amusement park it is today? Walt Disney was born on December 5, 1901 in Chicago, Illinois. He was a hardworking man with a dream to create what would later become to be the greatest empire in the world. Throughout his life he took classes in fine arts while pouring every ounce of creativity he had into his work. He created Mickey Mouse, which led to TV appearances, many awards, and five remarkable theme parks. Growing up, Walt had become very interested in drawing and theater. He moved to many different cities with his family at a young age, and in with each enrollment in the schools he was in, he took extra art courses to further his drawing ability. He had two children when he was older, married and living in LA, and he used to take them to amusement parks. He began dreaming of his own amusement park where families could enjoy the clean, happy, and magical environment. When he was sixteen years old, he tried to enlist in the military. He was rejected because he lied about his age, and instead he joined the Red Cross and he was sent to France to spend a year driving an ambulance. Rather than his ambulance being covered in camouflage, it had his own cartoons drawn onto it. When he returned from France, he wanted to pursue a career in animation. He pursued a career as a newspaper artist, and at his work he met Ub Iwerks. The two became friends and
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