How Disney Will Finance Their New Development

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Disney is trying to extend their business and planning to open a new Disneyland in Istanbul, Turkey. To develop a business one of the principle criteria is to get the best possible fund for it, without money it is impractical to obtain a business. In this report I am going to talk about how Disney will finance their new development.
Firstly, we have to look at the sources of finance. There are two primary sources; internal sources and external source. Internal Sources means, these are wellsprings of fund that originate from the business advantages or activities. For example: Owners investment, sale of stocks, retained profits and debt collection.
External Sources means, the credit which is coming from outside sources. There are so many
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Because we need more sources, resources, investments and financial position to begin with a new Disneyland in Istanbul.
As we all know Istanbul is a mega city which is bridging between Asia and Europe. In order to build a business in Istanbul we have to think big about this project and also we have to keep it in our mind that Disney is not a small investment project. According to the research we found out that in the last decade there was a boom in the profit level of Walt Disney Company.

However, in last year The Walt Disney DIS 1.27% company reported that final quarter net pay of $2.2 Billion on offers of $10.7 billion. Net wages was up 11% over the same period a year ago, income for every offer was up 12% and the income was up 7% to $3.2 billion. (Forbes, 2014).
So, to complete this amount of profits and Income Company has to invest a lot. Therefore, we can say that external source is more suitable in this situation. Sources like shares, leasing, hire purchase, mortgage, bank loan, trade credit and government grants.
But for our specific expansion we better chose bank loans. There are lots of banks which is renowned and trustable also most reliable for source of finance. The proposal which we gave them they are most likely interested for expansion for Disney in Istanbul. The credit that organization will be conceded will be enormous and it will be much useful to the financial specialists and offer holders and they will be
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