How Disney Will Finance Their New Development

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Disney is trying to extend their business and planning to open a new Disneyland in Istanbul, Turkey. To develop a business one of the principle criteria is to get the best possible fund for it, without money it is impractical to obtain a business. In this report I am going to talk about how Disney will finance their new development. Firstly, we have to look at the sources of finance. There are two primary sources; internal sources and external source. Internal Sources means, these are wellsprings of fund that originate from the business advantages or activities. For example: Owners investment, sale of stocks, retained profits and debt collection. External Sources means, the credit which is coming from outside sources. There are so many outside organization we have, who give cash to the association to maintain their business. Like; shares, leasing, hire purchase, mortgage, bank loan, trade credit and government grants. Spreading the business of Disney we have to confirm one of the above sources. If we reck of internal sources then personal investment and retained profits will be our first choices. But Disney is a big business area where we can see internal sources won’t be enough. Although we can think of personal credit to build the business but the problem is they will take a lots of money. Likewise, retained profits are only useable for small business which has been trading more than one year and they bring their profit into the business again. So we can say that,

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