How Diversity Within Creativity And Innovation

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Introduction This assignments topic is how diversity in Creativity and Innovation can give a company a competitive advantage over is competitors To discover how companies are able to use diversity in Creativity and Innovation to achieve an advantage over their competition. When companies embrace diversity they also take on the disadvantages, for example, misunderstanding, suspicion and conflict in the work place all of which can result in absenteeism, poor work quality, low morale and loss of competitiveness. Therefore companies face a conflict; if they embrace diversity, they face a range of workplace problems however, if they ignore it they risk it losing a competitive edge. This assignment will look at the types of workplace diversity, how to manage it and how it links to creativity and innovation; in addition it will consider how potential pitfalls embracing diversity can be avoided. All will be listed below as well as what is the definition of creativity and innovation and how they link together as well as the role of diversity in creativity and innovation What would need to be understood about this topic is that is that I have chosen the terms Creativity and Innovation, which many don’t know that these two topics are interlinked, with no correct or incorrect way to use them. Where creativity can be classified as the process of gathering and generating new ideas via new ways of thinking, innovation would be seen as the process of implementing creativity. Diversity on
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